West Coast Pale Ale

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5.7% alc./vol., 35 IBU

The storm that tore through Stanley Park in 2006 sparked a passionate response from a community committed to the protection of this west coast jewel. Our Windstorm brand is inspired by the storm and dedicated to the Park’s ongoing preservation. That’s why we commit proceeds from every sale to help ensure a legacy of “nature in the city” for future generations.

Category West Coast Pale Ale (North West Pale Ale)

Appearance Clear Golden Amber

Taste Featuring the unique Mosaic hop which lends tropical fruit and earthy pine character, citrus on the palate and a rewarding bitterness that finishes clean

Mouth Feel Medium Bodied

Food Pairing Grilled Steak, Citrus Salad, Thai Curry, and Roasted Vegetables

* Proceeds from every sale of our new West Coast Pale Ale benefit the Stanley Park Ecology Society.

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