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Stanley Park Blonde

5.5 % alc/vol.

Our authentic Belgian brewing process begins with a distinctive blend of Pilsen and Munich malts and malted wheat that offers up a full-bodied texture and golden hue. Adding the highest grade Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops creates a delicate aroma and approachable bitterness. Passionately crafted, we have spared no effort to bring you this world class, Belgian style, locally fresh Blonde.

Enjoy while available!

Category Belgian Style Blonde

Appearance Clear Golden colour

Taste Subtle complex aromas and taste produced by the specially selected yeast strain delivering fruits on the nose especially banana, hits of bacon, clove &smoke and honey on the palette

Mouth Feel Smooth full bodied mouth feel, and clean crisp refreshing finish

Food Pairing Delicious with seafood such as “drunken” mussels and frites, juicy prawn dishes and contrasting white fish entrees

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