Celebration of Light

SeaWheeze Half Marathon & Sunset Festival

  • August 15th (7am-11pm)
  • Music by St. Lucia
  • Collaboration brew with the Lululemon athletica team: Curiosity Lager


Celebration of Light

Honda Celebration of Light

  • July 25th, July 29th, Aug 1st
  • Largest offshore fireworks competition in the world featuring three competing countries each year
  • 4 onsite beer gardens


Requests for sponsorships, we love being involved in the community and helping out wherever possible. We carefully consider, and are constantly on the lookout for partners that are aligned with us, but unfortunately are unable to grant everyone's request. Send your request to

To be considered, your proposal must include the key details of the opportunity, a comprehensive list of benefits including how they relate to us and our products, credentials of your company, overview of your marketing plan, list of sponsors who have committed to date, and a timeline, including important deadlines. All proposals are reviewed to assess suitability, feasibility, and resources required. All proposals are acknowledged by Stanley Park Brewing in writing and secondary meetings put into place as required.


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