Reducing Our Footprint



At Stanley Park Brewing we embrace a progressive, eco-driven brewing process, that in turn gives our customers the choice to make a difference when selecting their beer.

The Brewery is founded on the principles of sustainable practice, and from conception it was designed to explore and employ the very latest thinking in sustainable brewing and use of renewable energy. This philosophy is embodied in our corporate identification and is celebrated in the brands we produce. At the start of a new century our brewery marks a true inflection point in the state and art of brewing in Canada.

We are on a journey towards sustainable brewing, and the future of the environment is at the forefront of everything we do. Our on-site wind turbine is a working symbol of this effort. The use of wind power was a natural and logical choice for us. Located on the banks of the Fraser River, our brewery is ideally situated to take advantage of the wind tunnel effect created along the river corridor. Towering at 110 ft. tall, our wind turbine makes a statement of intent and demonstrates our company's commitment to reducing our footprint.

Reducing the Use and Dependency on finite resources:

  • • POWER GENERATION - one of the only brewery owned wind turbines in North America
  • • STATE-OF-THE-ART BREWING EQUIPMENT - Significantly reducing water usage to half the amount of industry norms, material waste and energy consumption. We use 80% of traditional power consumption in brewing using breakthrough Steinecker Stromboli Shakes-beer process innovations and regenerative use of waste heat
  • • NATURAL BREWING PROCESSES - Eliminates the use of chemicals
  • • RECYCLING - Our spent grains are composted, used for local animal feed, and used in vineyards to replace chemical fertilizers
  • • WATER OUTPUT (EFFLUENT) - and treating our effluent to exceed international standards on BOD and COD
  • • DISTRIBUTION - Fuel cell hydrogen powered fork lifts in the warehouse, bio-diesel powered delivery trucks, hybrid promotional vehicles, light weight and long life sustainable kegs
  • • PURCHASING - Packaging and promotional materials made with 100% post-consumer recycled content, water and vegetable based inks, and starch based biodegradable glues
  • • CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGIES - Blending natural lighting with high efficiency T5 technology [slim, high-efficient fluorescent lamps]

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